Monolith Productions is a leading video game developer based in the Seattle area. We have created a wide variety of games over the past 20 years from our first release, Blood, to our most current title, Middle of Earth: Shadow of War. We’re dedicated to using innovative gameplay, cutting edge technology and AI, inventive narratives and stunning visuals to push the bar on AAA games.

Company Culture

For over 20 years, we have been bringing quality gaming experiences to players. The team is dedicated to combining cutting edge tools and technology and visually stunning artwork within our games. At Monolith you’ll find an office with a welcoming atmosphere of bright and talented developers who all come together to bring our unique visions to life.

Our Offices

Walking into Monolith, the first thing you’ll notice is the abundant pride we take in the entire catalog of games we’ve created. And with our open floor plan and casual atmosphere, our office is a place where you’ll feel right at home.

About the City

Located just outside Seattle, Monolith is based in the lovely city of Kirkland, WA. Seattle, known as the Emerald City, offers something for everyone. Start your day with a cup of coffee before spending time in the outdoors or taking in one of our great cultural experiences from museums to checking out the view from the Space Needle.


Working for WB Games comes with a lot of fun advantages!


Are you eager to be part of the team? Check out some of our job listings.

Job Title Studio LocationTypeReq #Posted Date
Associate Designer, UI WBG Monolith DesignUnited States - Kirkland, WashingtonFixed Term179305BROct. 23, 2020
Associate Software Engineer, Pipeline WBG Monolith CTTUnited States - Kirkland, WashingtonFixed Term179309BROct. 23, 2020
Advanced Designer, Character Systems WBG Monolith DesignUnited States - Kirkland, WashingtonFull Time179289BROct. 22, 2020
Senior Game Writer WBG Monolith DesignUnited States - Kirkland, WashingtonFull Time179233BROct. 21, 2020
Senior Designer, Character Systems WBG Monolith DesignUnited States - Kirkland, WashingtonFull Time179235BROct. 21, 2020