WB Games Montréal is a video game developer founded in 2010. We are best known for our game Batman™: Arkham Origins. Our studio is focused on developing games that expand the DC universe in the interactive space.


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Company Culture

Collaborative team meetings give everyone the opportunity to speak up and share ideas; whether it’s a VP or an intern, nobody is defined solely by their title. By being proud of our accomplishments, sharing our work, and honing it with the help of everyone on the team, we can feel confident that we will hit our ultimate goal: make incredible games!

Our Offices

We don’t have cubicles in our studio because we don’t like walls. They get in the way of great work. It takes us sharing and collaborating to make awesome games, so our desks are open, and we sprinkled in a few couches and meeting rooms to foster collaboration. The building managers told us we couldn’t knock the walls down to the outside—something about structural integrity, and weather—so we turned them into whiteboards instead.
Sometimes, the best way to see a city is with a bird’s-eye view. Thankfully, that’s easy to get from our rooftop patio – with an incredible view of the neighborhood and Mont Royal. During the summer, team members can be found enjoying a BBQ, the International Fireworks Competition or one of the many cocktails hosted by our studio team. It’s a great way to unwind and make new friends.

About the City

Known as the cultural and commercial city of Canada, Montreal is the most populous municipality in Quebec. Most of us sleep, but the city never does. It might be an album launch on Monday, a Fashion Cocktail Party on Wednesday, a new restaurant opening on Thursday, a rock concert on Friday, a hockey game on Saturday…Montreal never ceases to amaze and inspire. You can also avoid the heat during the summer or the chilly winds during the winter by exploring the Underground City. This is a series of interconnected underground tunnels, offices, hotels, shopping centers, and much more.


Working for WB Games comes with a lot of fun advantages!


Are you eager to be part of the team? Check out some of our job listings.

Job Title Studio LocationTypeReq #Posted Date
Advanced Programmer, CGT Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time174221BRNov. 19, 2019
Senior Rendering Programmer Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time166518BRNov. 15, 2019
Physics Programmer Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time173963BRNov. 08, 2019
UI Artist Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time173481BRNov. 07, 2019
Gameplay Programmer Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time166346BRNov. 05, 2019
Quality Assurance Supervisor Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time173779BRNov. 01, 2019
Level Design Director Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time173393BROct. 25, 2019
Animator Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time170387BROct. 08, 2019
Senior Animator Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time171579BROct. 08, 2019
Cinematics Designer Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time172321BRSep. 05, 2019
Community Manager Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time171971BRAug. 19, 2019
Animation Technical Director Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time164426BRAug. 14, 2019
Senior Concept Artist, Character Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time171165BRJul. 31, 2019
Associate Concept Artist Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time171169BRJul. 31, 2019
Senior Texture Artist Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time170037BRMay. 24, 2019
Technical Animator Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time170162BRMay. 24, 2019
Technical Art Director Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time170180BRMay. 24, 2019
Game Designer 3C Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time169964BRMay. 17, 2019
Systems Programmer Canada - Montreal, QuebecFull Time167749BRMar. 14, 2019