WB Interactive Entertainment

A division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, WBIE refers to our operations as a worldwide publisher, developer, licensor, and distributor of great games across all platforms. While WBIE is headquartered in Burbank, we also have deep expertise and robust publishing capabilities in many territories around the world.

Company Culture

We are unique in our industry because we are part of Warner Bros., home to some of the world’s biggest brands and the deepest catalog of top IP in entertainment. At our core, we are a content company that believes in cultivating creative talent and bringing great ideas to life. At WBIE we have established top game franchises and have been able to extend these game franchises into other media such as comics, collectibles and filmed entertainment. The breadth of our WB businesses also enables us to generate consumer awareness and promote our franchises in powerful and exciting ways.

Our Offices

Our headquarters are located on the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank, CA.  Our offices offer a creative environment with free drinks and snacks. You can relax in our lounge areas and play games with your colleagues. Our studio has many additional onsite perks for employees to access such as our Warner Bros. Fitness Center, Warner Bros. Studios Children’s Center, a photo lab and even a hair salon.

About the City

Burbank is a city in Los Angeles County where we enjoy great weather all year round. We are close to the best attractions around Los Angeles so you’ll always have something to do! Hopping on our WB Studio Tour, hiking to the Hollywood sign, going to the beach, walking down Rodeo Drive, and visiting some of the greatest museums are just a few things you can do here in LA!


Working for WB Games comes with a lot of fun advantages!


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