Data Analyst Intern

Job typeBig Data/Analytics, Data Science, Game Development/Publishing, Internship/Trainee
LocationUnited States - Needham, Massachusetts
Posted DateJul. 02, 2019
The Data Analyst Intern will help create dashboards for product managers and game designers, using data to help drive better decisions.

What part will you play?
  • Design KPI’s to evaluate the health of the game and game systems.
  • Work with clients to define what data, aggregates, and visualizations will give them the insight they need.
  • Write performant SQL queries to transform millions of records into smaller explorable data.
  • Develop and validate models, views, and visualizations in Looker to allow your data to tell its story.
  • Iterate on existing models and visualizations to dive deeper and answer ever more complex questions.
What do we require from you?
  • A passion for games and familiarity with mobile strategy games like Game of Thrones: Conquest.
  • Experience pulling data with SQL and joining across several data sources.
  • Excellent interpersonal and storytelling skills.
  • Ability to design clear and concise visualizations.
  • Experience with Looker, Excel, and/or Tableau a plus.

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